Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Winners 2019

Our Lady Of Peace Council #9657 Crosslake/Emily  sponsored “Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest” for children grades K through 8th Grades as part of our Faith In Action Program.  Nine children participated in three different age groups with each age group awarded 1st thru 4th place.

The winners by age group are:

K – 2nd Grade

1st Place – Levi Merta ; 2nd Place – Ezra Goble; 3rd Place – Catherine Welte; 4th Place Tie- Leo Heroff and Reuben Jacobson

3rd  – 5th Grade

1st Place – Teresa Welte ; 2nd Place – Bella Goble; 3rd Place – Nolan Heroff; 4th Place – Shael Jacobson

6th – 8th Grade

1st Place -Ava Merta ; 2nd Place – Hannah Thell; 3rd Place – Keira Goble; 4th Place -Becca Polchow

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Winners 2019

1st Row (L to R ): Leo Heroff; Levi Merta; Catherine Welte
2nd Row (L to R ): Nolan Heroff; Hannah Thell;Ava Merta:Becca Polchow:Teresa Welte
3rd Row (L to R ): Grand Knight Jim Lee; Brother Hank Scheinost; Brother Dave Thell
Not Pictured: Ezra Goble; Bella Goble; Keira Goble; Reuben Jacobson; Shael Jacobson



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